Thursday, October 6, 2022

Recently Apple devices’ latest version (n–1) is best option from 2022


With recent slowdown in technology advancements and lack of drastic innovations in handheld devices, the software features have become prominent than the hardware updates and bringing in new update every year has become tough challenge for most tech giants. Apple was also not left out of this yearly update drain and for people it has always been smart option to select a year older device for various reasons. Following are my justifications on why people should opt for a year older Apple device
  • Affordability and Issue identification: With a year older device, people can get almost all recent features and updates at more affordable price than the latest version of the device. In addition, people can also learn more about the pros and cons of the older version of the device and could also identify any niggles or could also delay their purchase for the next version to meet their expectations.
  • Better value for performance: Another advantage of opting for a year older version of Apple device is that most people can get almost similar performance from the latest version of the Chip upgrade and minor differences in performances upgrade can be compensated with the affordability of reduced device cost.

Hope above reasons, help people in deciding on which version of the Apple device should they choose, and the answer is simple, if the Value is more important, then getting a year older version with reduced cost makes much sense than the latest version of the Apple device. For more such articles or suggestions, please feel free to check out the “G R Team Sites”

Thursday, September 8, 2022

Suspect of Crackling sound in my AirPods Pro


I got my AirPods Pro during the first year of the launch and was fortunate enough to experience the sound quality during the initial days. However, post few months of my purchase there was an unexpected announcement from Apple that the initial batch of AirPods Pro had manufacturing defect and the product would be replaced for FREE. Post this announcement, I become suspicious on my product as well, however I convinced that my product was working fine, and the disturbances was due to external factors. The initial suspicious activities and the convincing factors are as follows
  • Right Side AirPods Pro Ear tips had issues in seal: So, when I was trying out Apple’s in-built Ear Tips test, the outcome was often error and it had suggested that to change the ear tip size or align the AirPods pro properly in the ear. Initially, I had searched about this concern in internet and often found that the suggestions were to slightly re-align the AirPods pro or tryout the memory foam tips due to ear size differences among users. Since these were convincing reasons, I had ruled out possible manufacturing defects and continued to use the product with its flaw.
  • Occasional crackling sound while hearing music: The other annoying issue that I had encountered while using my AirPods Pro was that I used to hear some annoying hustling sound while listening to music and during while I was at my work room. Since, my work room either had a slow-moving fan or air conditioner running, I assumed that the hustling sound may be due to its background noise.
The above concerns and convincing factors made me to use the AirPods pro without thinking about the manufacturing defect. To read more about how I identified my AirPods Pro manufacturing defect, please feel free to check out the articles published in “G R Team Sites”

Friday, August 5, 2022

Complications due to E-Sim and my concerns

I have been using iPhone 11 for a while and have been utilizing its dual sim capabilities, one mobile connection with e-sim and another with physical sim card. However, at times I feel nervy about using e-sim as my primary connection and how it will impact me if my iPhone dies or cannot be accessed due to accidental damage. Following are concerns while using E-sim on any mobile phone
  • Accidental damage or Phone software corrupted: If there are incidents where if you had your phone dropped or the software had corrupted midway through a software update, then there is no option to use the mobile number and entire personal banking system gets interrupted. As with introduction of two-factor authentication, there is no option to perform financial transaction without authentication through mobile and there is no alternative option available. 
  • Unavailability of temporary E-Sim solution: There are no temporary solution available if the e-sim profile was deleted accidentally or if iPhone was not available for short duration. There should have been a temporary solution to at least make critical banking transactions and important calls during the emergency. 
Hope with the advancement of new technologies and mobile solutions, the above e-sim complications are addressed, and e-sim becomes next big innovation on mobile technology. To read more about technology articles, please feel free to check out “G R Team Sites”