Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Info about my Interests

Something that has interested me for quite a while. We are taught as we grow up that grass is green, the sky is blue and Guinness is black. We have names for colors, which are based on examples. However light does not have color and so how do we know that what I see as green someone else sees as pink. We all have the same examples to allow the naming but our experience may well be different. This may explain why some people have such god awful taste.

Saturday, June 13, 2015

Some Experience

That Millard is a sweet guy. "a player at the club remarked to me, but his belt doesn't go through all the loops. He told me he passed by an accident but couldn't call 911 because there was no 11 on his phone. Millard Pringle is quite little man who gets lost in the maze of defensive "rules". He was East in today's deal, and Wed led an uninspired six of hearts against South's no trump game. When dummy played low, Millard hesitated and finally contributed the ten

My view on Mumbai Terror attacks

The recent attack on Mumbai has not been the first terrorist attack faced by India. In 1993, there were blasts in Mumbai which killed more number of people than the recent attack. The attack in Parliament, is another incident. These should have served as a warning. Why is Mumbai simmering now? It is because of the attack on the Taj and the Oberoi where high society people go. What about the common people? The government offers them no security. Instead of blamming one another, we expect a positive decision to be taken. We want a new India where everyone feels safe

Info about revolution in Internet

Every year companies spend heavily on advertising and earn handsomely from the additional business advertising generates. ADVERTISING IS the strongest weapon of the marketing profession all over the world. The success that accrues from advertising a product depends on how the product is presented to the public. If a company presents its product through an advertisement in an effective manner, then the viewers will definitely prefer the product. To insert an effective advertisement, the company has to spend a lot of money. Nowadays, companies like to spend their money on celebrities, politicians, well-known sport persons, etc, to advertise their products.

Help to former players

Diego Mara dona's recent visit to the city has brought joy to the life of three former players - Abdus Sattar, Krishna Chandra Pal and Ashoke Chatterjee. The Three reeling under poverty were handed over Rs. 1,63,000 each at a function here by the Football Players' Association (FPA), who received Rs.5,00,000 from the Organizer of the Maradona trip. Olympians Sattar and Pal were present on the occasion, while Chatterjee could not make it to the function as he was sick. The families of the three players were also present. Sattar played in the 1952 Helsinki Olympics, while Pal represented India in the Melbourne Games.