Friday, March 13, 2020

Plan for new service request and upcoming vacation

I was pulled back into old service requests before my long vacation, for which I had spent very little time earlier for its completion and had very little insights about client requirements. Now, the on-site team has scheduled a call - I was confused about the nature of the service request, whether the call could be for getting insights from me on how I compiled the document with fragile client information or it could be for new requests all together starting from scratch. After much anxiety, I joined the next day’s call to understand the purpose of reopening old mail threads. The call started with all introductions and later on, the account manager started to detail client requirements. I was a bit relieved to learn that, this mail thread was altogether a new service request and since the on-site team did not know whom to reach, they have reopened old mail thread. However, at first glance, this new service request seems to be very little work and the major concern I had while involving in this service request was that it could extend until my vacation and could interfere vacation days. I don’t want that to happen and to avoid this clash with my vacation, I was conveying about my vacation plans to the offshore delivery lead that I can extend all my working days and weekends till next week and post that I am not available, please plan accordingly. To know more about how I managed, please feel free to check out “G R Team Sites”