Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Internet Explorer hacked

The Microsoft Corporation is taking the unusual step of issuing an emergency fix for a security hole in its Internet Explorer software that has exposed millions of users to having their computers taken over by hackers. The "zero-day" vulnerability, which came to light last week, allows hackers to take over victims' machines simply by steering them to infected websites; users do not have to download anything for their computers to get infected, which makes it all more dangerous. Internet Explorer is the world's most widely used web browser. Microsoft said it planned to ship a security update, rated "critical", for the browser on Wednesday. People with the Windows Update features activated on their computers will get the patch automatically. Thousands of websites have already been compromised by hackers looking to exploit the flaw. Malicious codes have been loaded on to those websites, which automatically infect visitors' machines if they are using Internet Explorer and have not employed a complicated series of workarounds that Microsoft has suggested. Microsoft said it has seen attacks targeting the flaw only in Internet Explorer 7, but has cautioned that all other current editions of the browser are vulnerable.

Know about Alfred Nobel

Alfred Nobel was born on October 21,1833, in the Swedish capital of Stockholm.Born into a relatively well-heeled family.Nobel had informal education having been tutored at home until the age of 16.In 1866 to 1867,Nobel invented dynamite and won a patent for it.Nobel created a controllable combustible that made blasting rock and the construction of canals and tunnels a relatively safe process.Other than the patent for dynamite,Nobel,a prolific inventor, held a little over 350 patents to his credit.Nobel was fluent in Swedish,Russian,English and French, which shows that his interests were not limited to science alone.After the invention of dynamite, Nobel set up a large number of companies and labs in over 20 countries and amassed a fortune.On November 27,1895,Nobel signed his final will at the Swedish-Norwegian club in Paris.Prior to this, in 1888,when Nobel's brother Ludwig died, a French newspaper erroneously ran a obituary for Nobel,which called him "a merchant of death".This epitaph hurt Nobel deeply as he was a commited pacifist.He created a will, which bequeathed a large part of his estate to a trust.He specified that the trust would use the money to establish the Nobel Prize.He died of cerebral haemorrahage in the Italian town of San Remo on December 10, 1896.

Cricket news

In spite of good performance in the Tri-series in Bangladesh and the Asia Cup in Pakistan, the Indian cricket team failed to win either tournament. India lost to Pakistan in the final of the Tri-series and in the Asia Cup India was battered in the final by Sri Lanka. Pakistan and Delhi Daredevils speedster has tested positive for a banned substance in a drug test conducted during the recently concluded IPL. He might face life ban for the same. Citing too much cricket MS Dhoni has decided to opt out of the upcoming Indian team's tour of Sri Lanka.

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Get Info for AR-15 Accessories

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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Bali Luxury Villas – The Perfect Solace

Tourists are faced with the dread of not finding the perfect place to spend their time away from home, but this is not the case especially if you plan on spending your vacation in Bali. There are numerous Bali luxury villas that you can choose from and each provides its own amenities that will definitely suit your individual needs. If you are a newlywed couple and would want to spend your honeymoon in this scenic spot or you are families trying to enjoy each other’s presence? You may also be a company or an organization trying to do team building activities. The perfect spot is still Bali. And where else will you find the perfect home away from home, nowhere else other than Bali luxury villas.

The most essential thing that you should do is to book a ticket then ask the travel agency if they offer accommodation packages, better yet go online to land the greatest offers. There are numerous options that you can choose from. There are hotels or even inns to serve as your temporary homes. You might want to consider Bali luxury villas because it might blow you away. The multitude of amenities that it provides is perfect for your getaway.

Most people perceive that choosing Bali luxury villas is a bit over the top. It might sound too expensive as compare to staying in a resort or hotel; you might be surprised to find out that some villas are actually pretty affordable especially if you are on vacation with your family. They can actually come up with a package that will be suitable to both parties. 

Note that there are numerous resorts that provide wonderful accommodations, also with many facilities around their premises. However, what makes Bali luxury villas a cut above the rest is the exclusivity that it provides. Inside the villa’s compound you will have your own private area with an entrance, a private pool, kitchen and sometimes it can come with a personal chef, a butler and other specific preferences that you might want to add.

Privacy is the best marketing weapon that the villa offers. Think about this – why share if you can enjoy all the amenities all for yourself?

Prices range from 150 USD to 200 USD per night. You will find that most Bali luxury villas are impressively designed to make your stay very memorable. Check out some of the villas found at the Bukit area, Ubud and around Candidasa. 

Make the most out of your stay in Bali – choose to stay at Bali luxury villas and mind you this is something that you will never regret. The memories that you’ll have is enough for you to return.